For Years, we have provided small personalized trips into the deep heart of the Alaskan backcountry and other far-out wildernesses around the world.  


Our Mission

We believe that the world is full of wonders to be explored.  Our goal is not only to bring people to the most remote, wild, and outrageously gorgeous places in the world, but to get there un-obtrusively and safely.  We go to those places that we dream of going, the places that steal your breath and your heart. Fifty Six Percent of American Wilderness is in Alaska -- that's why we work there.  But we go all over.  We travel by all means: by foot, sea kayak, skis, rafts, and bikes. We hope that by bringing people to these places they won't go forgotten or unprotected. At Indigo Alpine Guides, you can expect to get the best guiding experience out there, every time, every place.  

From the unbelievable bush flight into Wolverine plateau to our pickup at Skolai, everything was beyond belief.  Thanks for putting together a trip we will never forget.
— Mark Leaman, Wrangell Mountains Backpacking

Jack knows these mountains with a depth of soul and spirit and has the patience and excitement to bring others there. The trip was always challenging but always fun.
— Stan Mayer, Eklutna Glacier Traverse, Chugach Mountains