We specialize in small-group, personalized expedition guiding around the globe.  


Indigo is the color of the sky in the early morning and the early evening when the sun is slipping in or out of the mountain valley.  These are the times when the world is quiet and still and up-front for the adventurer to see if they're ready for the task. At Indigo Alpine Guides, we believe that guiding and adventure should not only be about the places explored but the friends we explore alongside. If you aren't the type that wants to get dragged up one of the seven summits without pitching in, if you're the type that likes to get off the beaten path and out of the well-trodden mountains, if you crave to explore the places no one else goes, then give us a call and we can start planning your next adventure.  



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trip Dreamin'

Our core mission is to create a new trip for every guest we work with.  That being said, its always nice to get the sparks flying.  Take a look at some past trips, but don't worry, if the trip you're thinking about isn't here, that doesn't mean we haven't gone there or aren't excited to make your trip happen soon!